Burger World France compilation tape !

from Mary Bell

Mary Bell "Please, no" is featured on the vol.3 of the BURGER WORLD SERIES by BURGER RECORDS, alongside other cool French bands.

01 Grand Blanc - Surprise Party
02 La Femme - Tatiana
03 Laure Briard - Dalida
04 Rendez Vous - The Others
05 Halo Maud - Du pouvoir
06 Juniore - Panique
07 Tapeworms - Lemonade
08 Cannery Terror - Bipolar-Babes
09 Mary Bell - Please No
10 Marie Mathématique - Sous Mon Second Soleil
11 Sudden Death Of Stars - The Void
12 Beat Mark - I'm Looking Forward

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Mary Bell Paris, France

Mary Bell is a Parisian punk band named after a British serial killer from the ‘60s, inspired by (mostly American) hardcore and grunge bands from the ‘90s. Their music sounds like something you’d get if the heaviest of grunge bands got together with feminist Riot Grrl punk bands to form a supergroup: Imagine, say, Kathleen Hanna on vocals with Buzz Osborne (of the Melvins) on guitar.
-Amy Benfer
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